Saturday, July 23, 2011

my poor little blog...

My poor little blog has been so neglected lately.  So, let's catch up.  Yeah?

First, here are my July Midnight Rooster projects.  I created both of this month's layouts using pictures from a trip that I took in June 1990, the summer before my senior year of high school.  Yes, that's right.  I graduated 20 years ago!  (It sure doesn't feel like it, though! ;)  Back to the layouts...  Several of us from my school's Foreign Language Club planned and fundraised our hearts out to take a 10-day trip to England and France.  Both of these layouts focus on the second leg of our trip, France.

One of the first places that we visited was Mont Saint Michel.  Located in lower Normandy, it has been a monastery since the 8th century AD.  Prior to that, it had served as both a stronghold and prison during times of war.  Mont Saint Michel is surrounded by marsh and quicksand, and at high tide it is completely surrounded by water, making it a "tidal island."  The perfect prison.


My second layout focuses on the gardens of the Chateaux de Versailles, the former residence of the royal house of France.  The palace is absolutely breath-taking and is truly a place that "you have to see to believe."  The aristocracy lived and entertained in a grand home filled with opulent fabrics, rich woods, guilded gold furnishings, and wall-to-wall marble.  The gardens, the focus of this layout, are equally amazing.  Covering 8 square kilometers, the meticulously manicured grounds include 200,000 trees, numerous marble statues, 50 fountains, and an orangerie. 

My remaining 3 projects include 2 all-occasion card and an altered over-sized clothespin.  TFL!