Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's gonna get real crazy, real fast...

(written 6/25/09) Right now, I'm trying to enjoy the "normalcy" of my relatively simple life, because I'm afraid that it's not going to stay that way for long. Next month, a mere 4 weeks away, is the South Adams High School A Cappella Alumni Choir Reunion and Concert. Aaron Kaehr and Rochelle (Sprunger) Criss, and I are the planning committee for this event. They are a real joy to work with. It's hitting crunch time, and, to be honest, we're starting to get a little concerned. As of yesterday, we've only had 6 registration forms returned, and that included Aaron's. I'm trying really hard to not completely freak out. So, if you are a member of our Facebook page, don't be surprised if you start to receive reminder e-mails. In order to save my sanity (and Aaron and Rochelle's), I implimented a deadline of Friday, July 10th for all registrations. I might allow myself a minute to freak out after the 10th. Maybe. We also have someone who has graciously volunteered to seek out some corporate sponsorship to help cover the expenses of the event. Thanks, "M!" So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and praying that I have a mailbox full of registration forms when I get home tonight. Wouldn't that be nice? =)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my first food review...Asian potstickers

As most of you know, I don't cook. Well, at least not very often. Now, that's not to say that I can't cook. I can. I just choose not to. There's just something about eating the same meal twice a day for a week... One of the pitfalls of being single and living alone: What do you do with all the extra food? So, I live on frozen dinners, canned soup, and take-out. It's just easier. Okay, so there's a little background. (Just in case you didn't already know. ;)

As someone whose diet consists primarily of frozen dinners, I discovered last week that both Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine have Asian-style potstickers. So, I decided to conduct my own little taste test and food review. And, here you go:

Overall, the Lean Cuisine meal has fewer calories, carbs, and Weight Watchers points. However, it also recommends that you cook it at 50% power for 8.5-9 minutes, which is quite a while when you are in a crunch for time. (BTW, you can cook it at full for 4 minutes, and it turns out just fine.) The Healthy Choice meal needs about 4 minutes on high. The Healthy Choice meal has twice the dietary fiber - and a lot more flavor. And, it only takes 4 minutes in the microwave at full-power. The Lean Cuisine meal, though good, was rather bland compared to the wonderful, ginger zing of the Healthy Choice meal. I would give the Lean Cuisine meal 3.5 out of 5 stars and the Healthy Choice meal 4.5 out of 5 stars.