Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

Now, I'm not one to buy into those late-night infomercials. Honest. But, with my current 3-week-long bout of insomnia, I've been watching more and more of them. I have to admit that I have become intrigued by one in particular - the Ped Egg. If you haven't seen the informercial, this little gadget is shaped like an egg (hence the name) and is designed to lightly and gently shave away the rough spots on your feet. I have been "weeding" (a "weed" is a want/need) a pedicure for the longest but haven't been willing to spend the time or money to get one. And, with my carpal tunnel, most of the buffers and pumice stones on the market are hard to hold on to. So, when I saw the infomercial for this little device, I was intrigued. But, I wasn't willing to pay the shipping/handling. Yeah, I know. I'm cheap. Anyway, while running in to CVS to pick-up some allergy meds, I noticed that they had the Ped Egg and that it was on sale for $9.99 - hmm... Well, you guessed it. I bought one. And I love it! That little thing has been the saving grace for my poor little feet. It is an absolute dream! Consider this my official endorsement.

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