Wednesday, February 18, 2009

just a quick note...

This is going to be a relatively quick post, because I have to get back to work soon. So... I wanted to share my wonderful weekend with you. My bff, Heather, had a birthday on Friday. (Happy birthday, Toots!) We spent the afternoon/evening at PIT cropping, getting a free 5-minute massage, eating chocolate, eating more chocolate... Saturday, I taught a class for 14 9-year-old girls during a birthday party at PIT. It was really fun, and the girls all did an excellent job of listening and following directions! I've really enjoyed the 2 parties that I've taught classes for. It's made me wonder if I should have gone the elementary ed route, instead of psychology. Something to consider. Anyway, I spent the rest of Saturday working on my March class examples. That night after PIT closed, I took Jeri & Tobi to the movies for Valentine's Day. Just in case you couldn't already guess, we went to see Twilight for the 3rd, 8th, and 9th times respectively. (It finally made it to the dollar theatre, which is good -- I really needed a fix! ;) Only 31 days until the DVD release!!! Which reminds me, I really need to start cleaning this weekend...blech! >:P Sunday, I was at PIT again, plugging away at those class examples. Finally got them done and e-mailed to our wonderful coordinator Becky. Monday, it was back to PIT to crop with my bud, Keisha. I kinda goofed-off, but I did manage to get my design team assignment done. Tonight, I need to start prepping my class kits for next Monday's card class. Here's hoping that I can get them all done tonight, so I can work on other stuff this weekend! Have a great day!! =)

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