Friday, November 13, 2009

crafting and snapping and blogging away...

I have been busy crafting for the last couple of days, making new items for my shop. I've listed some of my new coffee cozies but here are a couple that I haven't had a chance to post, yet.

I can 't believe that little miss "E" is almost 8 months old. Where on earth have the last several months gone? We were able to get a few outdoor pictures last Saturday and will be taking some indoor photos this Sunday. (Maybe for Christmas cards? wink, wink ;) She was such a good girl and so much fun! Here are a couple of Miss "E's" pics.

I also get to take my godson's 4-year pictures on Saturday. I am really looking forward to this weekend! I'm going to be super busy, but I'll be doing things that I really enjoy and spending time with people that I love. What can be better than that? I have a pretty full schedule next week (lots of coffee cozy orders to fill! :), but I'll try to get some of this weekend's pictures edited before Thanksgiving. So, stay tuned for more updates! =)
Have a great weekend!
Michelle =)

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  1. Love the cup cozies, especially the owl one! Any chance you'll want to put those crafting skills to work and set up a booth at the fundraising craft/bake/rummage sale we're going to have in the spring to help cover the cost of my sister-in-law's international adoption? We haven't hammered out the details all the way but if you want me to add your name to the list i can!