Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Midnight Rooster reveals - part 3

Happy Tuesday!  I apologize for this post being so little late in the day.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I fell asleep reading after dinner.  I guess that I must have been sleepier than I realized!

Well, as promised, here are my last two Midnight Rooster projects for the month.  I was going to retake the pictures of the second project (I'm just not happy with how they look), but a promise is a promise.  I'll try to get some better shots of it and post them later this week.

The little guy in the layout is so cute, but so N-A-U-G-H-T-Y!  He is puppy through and through - chews on everything, doesn't like to pee outside, etc., etc.  Funny story.  His momma let him outside Saturday night to play in the yard.  He was harnessed and on a staked lead by the back patio door near where I was scrapbooking.  Momma Tobi had run back to the bedroom to get something, and, the next thing I knew, Milo was romping into the living room!  (Romping is the only word I can think of to describe it, because he runs like a rolly poly bunny. :)  That little Houdini had wriggled out of his harness, run to the front of the house, and managed to let himself in through the storm door that had apparently not latched when we came from running errands that afternoon.  What a little stinker!  His family definitely has its hands full!! ;)

 Have a great day tomorrow!


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