Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, all! I hope that each of you had a wonderful time with your loved ones.

I finally finished the last of my gifts Friday night. Yippee!! Saturday, I started to feel sick (headache, fever, nausea) and actually left PIT halfway through my shift. (Thanks so much, Heather, JoAnna, and Julie!) I went home with the hope that I would feel well enough to drive to my parents after a long, much-needed nap. No such luck. I slept for about 5 hours and woke up with a low-grade fever and a still-thumping headache. I wrapped the remainder of my Christmas gifts, then went back to bed. Sunday, I slept in, took another nap, and finally felt well enough to drive to my parents by Sunday night. The weather decided to get nasty - from no-snow to white-out in a snap. I finally made it to my parents' house and was greeted at the door by Boots, our cat, who hasn't left my side since. Unfortunately, my late departure meant that I missed Christmas with my dad's family. Missed you guys!

Yesterday, my cousin, Chris, and his wife, Jennifer, hosted Christmas in their new home. In attendance: my mom's side of the family, Chris' dad's side of the family, and Jennifer's family. The food was incredible, and we had a lot of fun during our ornament exchange. After we got back to my parents' house, we had our family Christmas exchange. My mom liked her birdhouses, and my dad like his calendar and photo cube. (Yay!)

My mom and I got up early (5:30) to go shopping. Unfortunately, the store we wanted to go to, Swiss Plaza, didn't open until 8AM! So, we went to McDonald's for breakfast then went back home for a little while. We went back to the store, hoping to get some Hallmark ornaments at 50% off. We found out that they didn't carry this year's collection, so there weren't any ornaments to be had. (Just our luck!) We then went to a couple of small shops downtown - The Gathering House, Eidelweiss, and Faith and Life Bookstore - to see what treasures we could find. Neither of us bought much, but we had a good time together -- and that's all that matters! =)

I packed up the car and was ready to head out, when Eric decided to check my car for an antifreeze leak. (We had noticed a small puddle in the driveway the day before.) Sure enough, there is a small leak in my radiator hose. So, I won't be leaving until tomorrow afternoon, after Eric fixes my car. Thank heavens that I have a brother who's a mechanic!

Well, it's late, and I'm starting to ramble, so I'm going to go now. If I don't see you before then, have a Happy New Year!

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  1. Merry Christmas Michelle!!! It was great seeing you last week! May 2008 be even more blessed than 2007!!!