Thursday, December 20, 2007

Where's the JOY?

I've been reminded that It's been a while since I last posted. Here's why: As Christmas draws nearer, the more stressed I get. Too much to do, too little time as usual. I had the best of intentions. I was going to make heartfelt gifts for my friends and family. I was going to make my Christmas cards and mail them by December 1st. (Since you haven't gotten one, you can guess how well that has worked out.) It's now the 20th of December, and I still have several gifts to finish and holiday cards a la Hallmark (sorry, Alice) to address and mail. I'm beginning to feel like the characters in all of those TV movies who hate Christmas. I don't really hate Christmas, but I hate that I've allowed the hustle-and-bustle and shopping and commercialism to take the JOY out of the season for me this year. I honestly can't wait for the 26th so I can relax. So, I apologize for the late cards, gifts, and lack of posting. I promise to do better in 2008.

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