Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Twilight...

Summit Entertainment has just released the official movie trailer for Twilight. (You can view the trailer using the widget in my previous post.) I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I watched the trailer 4...okay, maybe 5...times in a row. Now, before you think that I need to be committed for my slight infatuation with a fictional character, please let me explain. I was merely trying to take in all of the details so that I could figure out which part of the book each clip was taken from. The fact that my heart started to beat a little faster was a mere coincidence. Right? Either way, it was great to get a bigger glimse into the final cut of the movie. Now I really can't wait to see it! (Boy, they're good!) The soundtrack is absolutely incredible, too. I'm sure that I'll have it memorized before the movie even opens. (Assuming that they market the soundtrack before releasing the movie.) I can just tell that the next 6 weeks are gonna drag on and on and on and on... Ugh! At least I know that I won't be suffering alone. Right, Tobi? (wink wink)


  1. I just have to comment and say that you did such a cute layout with my 2 cuties! Simple but sublime! I love it!

    I, also, must say that you fell fast and hard for these vampires!! :) I hope the wait isn't too hard on you...

    Now get back to prepping those classes! :)

  2. Um Michelle, admit it. You get goosebumps every time the the trailer starts the music!! I was there. And I will happily admit that I'm soooooo looking forward to buying the movie so I can watch it over and over.... Time to watch it one more time before I go up for nighty-night.